Our Services

Our team focuses on providing a “One-Stop-Shopping” service on your bulk marine movements of goods from production location to final destination.
Our specialties include – but not limited to:

  • Domestic and International Ship Brokering and Operations
  • Domestic and International Barging Brokering and Operations
  • Marine Supply Chain Optimization for increased
    competitiveness for your company
  • Special Projects
  • Storage and Surveying

As companies have downsized during these difficult times they have turned to Global Seaport Services, Inc. to perform more of the tasks that were previously performed internally. Global Seaport Services, Inc. has always been able to meet the challenges given by its clients and continues to add increasing value to the process of arranging all aspects of the entire Marine Supply Chain.


Ship Brokering, Chartering or Leasing

Having developed a global network of clients and ship owners - Global Seaport Services, Inc. is uniquely equipped to provide our clients Ship, Vessel or Tanker Brokering, Charter and Leasing Solutions. Learn More >


Barge Brokering, Chartering or Leasing

Global Seaport Services continues to provide additional services by extending the Marine Supply Chain by offering Barge Brokering, Chartering and Leasing as well as additional services. Learn More >

Marine Supply

Marine Supply Chain

Global Seaport Services, Inc. will work to earn your trust so that it is viewed as an “extension” of  your logistics team. Learn More >

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