With many years of experience in the Oil / Petrochemical / and Shipping Industries- Global Seaport Services, Inc. specializes in offering an extensive range of personalized tailored and innovative solutions to your domestic or international marine transportation needs. This includes Barge Brokering, Chartering or Leasing. As well as providing Ship, Vessel or Tanker Brokerage.

We understand the implications of marine logistics – it can “make-or-break” a deal and is an integral part of your business success. That is why we have taken great care to create a strategy by focusing on the “TOTAL LOWEST COST” to move your product, eliminating waste in the supply chain, all in an effort for business success and having marine logistics be a key part of your business strategy.


To provide quality, safe and reliable Marine Transportation and Consultancy services to our customer’s for their success.

Ship Brokering

Global Seaport Services, Inc. provides comprehensive tanker brokering and consulting services solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Barge Brokering

Global Seaport Services continues to provide additional services by extending the Marine Supply Chain by offer Barging related services.

Marine Supply Chain

Global Seaport Services, Inc. will work to earn your trust so that it is viewed as an “extension” of
your logistics team.

A Few of Our Clients